Evasive Actions


Hand-printed Silver Gelatin Prints (1.5m x 3m aprox)

Exhibited as part of Ambit: Photographies from Scotland, Stills (Edinburgh)

This series was made as part of an ongoing inquiry into the role of touch during the act of recollection. All the original images are stored in small, personalised collections (a photo album that my mother collated, my Instagram account, my sketchbook) but are now re-photographed onto B&W film (via a computer screen) and printed on a scale that transforms the image into something closer to a monument. The series take their titles from a conversation in 1970 between Gerhard Richter and Rolf-Gunter Dienst, in which Richter describes the difficulty in selecting subject matter (for his paintings) from neutral photographic sources. In my case, the evasive action is the printing stage, where I can pretend that my practiced actions, the paper and the chemicals produce the impossible object: a neutral rendering of the subject.

Image captions: Alan Dimmick